"WOMBOLLY METAL" by Geoff Boorman is on display at the Wollombi General Store's Harp of Erin Gallery, 2886 Wollombi Road, Wollombi NSW

Geoff Boorman is a photographer of beautiful landscapes, wildlife and still life printed on metal, reflecting his love of the natural world.

Wombolly Metal Prints have to be seen to be appreciated. The metal printing process makes them almost 3D! There is no extra cost for framing - they're ready to hang with a back-frame that makes the image stand out from the hanging surface. And with no glass required, you're looking directly into the image. Easy to clean with damp cloth - you can even use Windex on them. Truly amazing!

NOTE: The logo watermarks on the web images below are NOT on the Wombolly Metal Prints.

Geoff Boorman Photography

1. Superb Fairywrens - SOLD

450 x 300mm

Geoff Boorman Photography

2. Yengo Storm Panorama - SOLD

1200 x 440mm

Geoff Boorman

3. Red-bellied Black Snakes - SOLD

600 x 600mm

Geoff Boorman Photography

4. Misty Morning 5 - Withdrawn

1200 x 400mm

Geoff Boorman Photography

5. Blue-faced Honeyeater - SOLD

450 x 350mm

Geoff Boorman Photography

6. Bull Hippo in the Zambesie - SOLD

600 x 600mm


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